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Intro to Felt Tip Skin Design

Introduction to Felt-Tip Starlogo TNG Character Design

Today you are going to start designing the central character for the game you are going to make in Starlogo TNG.

To do this we will be doing a process called 'skinning'. This is when you customize an existing model, by redesigning the texture that is applied to it by starlogo TNG.

Both the groups that are developing the English soldier and the German soldier will be using the 'Stormtrooper' model as a starting point, and the group developing the Land Army Girl will use a model character called 'Buletta'.

Before you start to create your designs, you will need to understand a bit more
how Starlogo TNG works.

As Starlogo uses the same Game Engine as Quake III, it uses blank 3D models, which are linked to 2D image files, to create the coloured & textured shapes you have been working with.

These 2D image files are called 'UV MAPS' or 'Skins' and can be altered in image editing applications such as Photoshop or Paint.
For this project we are going to customize them by hand, using felt-tip's, paint, and collage.
To explain a bit more, these UV MAPS or Skins are very much like 'nets' that you will have used when looking at 3D shapes in Math’s. Here is an example of a UV MAP for a cube.

As you can see some of these can be incredibly complicated, and others quite simple, We are giving you some guide sheets to work out which faces apply to which parts of your character models.

Models of the Stormtroopers Head (below)
We have made some design sheets so that you can design your characters, and the emotions of the characters, by hand. The actual design sheets are simplified, so you won't have to work out every single triangle.

Some of the results you get may be unexpected, it is much more simple to predict how a UV MAP/Skin will work for a cube than it is for a complex model.

Some parts of your map have to stretch all the way around a shape. E.G. the girls arms look much more chunky on the map than they are on the model, this is just so that they wrap all the way around.

Use the guide sheets to look at the underlying shape of your character & which bits go where.

This page is available to download as a word document below.

la girl design sheet 01.png 150.8 KB

la girl design sheet 02.png 221.58 KB

la girl design sheet 03.png 45.53 KB

comp-design-la-girl-colour-guide.jpg 680.18 KB