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'The Loop' in Alt Valley with the Bluecoat

The Loop

Working as part of Artist Collective Re-Dock, Neil Winterburn has co-ordinated a new project, working across the community of Alt Valley focusing their attention and imagination on the Liverpool Loop Line Cycle Track.

We used a mixture of old and new creative technologies, from Hula-Hoops to Computer Game Design, to look into the participants relationship to the Loop Line and envisage where it might go in future.

Video Grab of 'The Loop 1.0'

Young people from Rice Lane City Farm and Norris Green Detached Youth Project responded to the brief.
"If the Loop Line were a computer game, how would it play?"
With other prompts being....
"Who would you avoid?"
"Who would you want to meet?"
"What would you collect?"
"What would be the aim of the game?"

Using the game to focus thinking on the cycle track
So in response to the interests of the young people, the focus of the project narrowed to creating a game, informed by the wider community, that looks at the gritty reality, and future potential of the cycle track.

Go to the Loop project blog to find out more about the rest of the project, which include steadicams made from hula-hoops and toy trains, other creative activities.


Using Starlogo TNG
The young people made the game using Starlogo TNG which an ingenious piece of software which enables people who might never think that they could program anything, to program complex simulations and games.

Its key feature is a pioneering Visual Programming Language of Blocks which allows users to build their own sets of instructions and interactions, to potentially 1000's of creatures.

Starlogo TNG is produced by M.I.T. and is free to download, to find out more or to get started click the image below.