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'S.O.S.' with Allanson Street Primary School & Creative Partnerships

'S.O.S.' with Allanson Street Primary School & Creative Partnerships.

Neil Winterburn, Sam Meech & John O'Shea worked with the young people of Allanson Street Primary School in St Helens to find ways to "Share Our School" with the wider community.

We asked the young people to think imaginatively about...

What is the REALLY COOL STUFF that your School has, that you could share with other people?
The young peoples top suggestions were, the IT Room, the Sports Hall & The Music Facilities.

What new Clubs could we set up to encourage people to use the schools REALLY COOL STUFF after school hours?
The young peoples Favourite ideas were,
Robot Rugby Club! - The young people invented a new sport called Robot Rubgy!
Monster Club,
Bingo Club,

Who are the people that you know in your social network (see images), that might be interested in these new clubs?
Who do you Know?
Who do They Know?
Do they know anyone in my social network?