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Cessville - Evidence to Statement Sheet

Once the young people had sorted and prioritized their evidence, they used these Evidence to Statement sheets to write statements about their characters, in either the first or third person.
The young people were encouraged to balance their creative thinking with the reliability of their evidence.

First Person Evidence to Statement Sheet
The young people imagined that they were their character, trying to prove that they wouldn't have killed Ned FLanders, they wrote a persuasive argument about their good character, and then found a piece of evidence to back it up.

First Person

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Third Person Evidence to Statement Sheet
The young people played the role of Historians, and sifted through the evidence about their character. When they found something pertinent, they wrote a statement about what it suggested.

Third Person

The young people used these worksheets to make connections between their fictional characters, and the evidence presented to them. They were used practically as scripts for the animations they created later on in the project.