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Lo-Fi Special Effect Movies

The young people were challenged to transform scenes from the plays that they had developed with Lucy Fiori into special effects extravaganzas, the only catch was the budget.

Luckily the group had already had a go at using plastic cell sheets to superimpose illustrations into space, so we thought that they were ready to take things to the next level.

The Mysterious Goat, by young people from year 5 Oldfield Primary School.
Made in response to 'Street Arabs at Play', 1890, a painting by Dorothy, nee Tennant Stanley

We then gave each group a pack with which to build their own giant cell frame, containing cardboard, tape, plastic cell sheets and scissors.

The next job was to cut out, collage and arrange their illustrations onto their frame. They used a mixture of collage and puppetry to create the illusion that they were interacting with the characters and things from their illustrations.

The young people were given deadline, a task, and a set of roles which they each took on at different times, the roles were...
- Director - Responsible to keep things on track, and keep everyone working as a team.
- Camera Person - Responsible for making sure that the performers were in the right position for the Lo-Fi Special effects illusion to work.
- Set Designer - Responsible for making sure that the set is looking great for each shot.
- Scriptwriters - Responsible for fine tuning the scripts, and making sure that they are visible to the actors when they were performing.
- performers - Responsible for performing to camera, and taking advice from the director, scriptwriter, set designer and camera person..

The young people took the opportunity to direct their own work with both hands, organising themselves and developing valuable teamwork and communications skills in the process. We came together as a class for regular meetings, in which the young people shared their performances so far, getting valuable feedback from the rest of the class.

As we neared the filming deadline, the atmosphere in the classroom became more focused, the groups had thought about this performance from so many different angles, would they manage to pull it together for the camera?

We think that they did, and were really impressed with what they created together.

The Mystery village, by young people from year 5, Oldfield Primary School.

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